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Hand Knitted Strawberry Shortcake Dress set!

Well, it’s FINALLY Done!!  lol

Not only was I challenged to begin with, with my concussion, But the pattern was written by an UK designer and I’m an American Irish girl!  I’ll get back to that here in a few, after I share the finished sweet set!


After months working on this ‘gem’, I’m quite pleased with it!

As you can see, I altered the pattern and created a more cap sleeve rather then the long.  I also changed the neck to white and didn’t use so many tiny Knitted strawberry flowers as it called for.  And I knitted the ‘Pips’ [strawberry SEEDS], which I like a lot more.


I used Cot-Lin yarn by Knit Picks  and love the subdued colorways.   They aren’t so shocking and defined red, white and green and just yummy.


The pattern calls for a size 6 and size 0 for the flowers, but I used size 2 Harmony circular needles for the flower petals and centers.


Speaking of Circulars-  This pattern is written for Flat work!  No, in the round.   I wish that was stated right up front, I had no idea until I bought the pattern and got into it!!  But that’s how I roll…should have asked questions, instead of diving in and assuming! lol  Maybe, that’s due to I’m still a Young knitter! haha

TIP for my American friends-  UK knitting Lingo as follows:

  • PIP= seed
  • yrn= YO or Yarn Over
  • stocking stitch= Stockinette


So of course, with Flat work, there’s a LOT of time intense seaming to be had, but the results are oh Great!

I loved working with the Cotton/Linen blend yarn and I just love, love the way it turned out!

I’ve started a couple more projects working with Anne Geddes Baby Sport yarn and talk about yummy…stay tuned!

Thank you for looking and be a Doll and tell me your thoughts below in the comment box :)

Hugs and Blessings,



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10 Thoughts on “Hand Knitted Strawberry Shortcake Dress set!”

  1. Deanna Green says:

    This is just adorable!

  2. karissa says:


  3. Diana says:

    Oh to be young and daring again! You did a fantastic job of amending the pattern. Congrats on completing this project.

  4. Marie says:

    ADORABLE! This turned out lovely, TFS from BIF

  5. Sukie says:

    Awesome project, everything is so beautiful!

  6. Cara says:

    That is awesome! I don’t knit, but I do crochet so I appreciate the challenges of some patterns! LOL
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Earlene Bost says:

    Wow. Ever so cute ensemble. The little one that receives it is truly loved. TFS!

  8. KimberlyRae says:

    Thank you so much Girls 😉

  9. Vanessa says:


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